Opinion: The economics of routine

Our parents, their parents and their parents were the early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise lot.

Clients now have less tolerance for failure, less patience for success: Joseph George of Tilt Brand Solutions

In a conversation with BestMediaInfo.com, the Founder and Chairman of Tilt Brand Solutions talks about his plans for doubling the agency’s revenue in 2020.

How holding companies hold the key to saving their own advertising agencies

Agencies were never mandated nor allowed by their holding companies to be full-service in competency, offering or mind-set

Flipkart tilts the script as Munnaboy becomes a CA

Featuring the famous kidults, Flipkart is bringing back the chemistry between the golden hearted “Bhai” and his loyal sidekick, from the Hindi film, Munnabhai MBBS, to educate consumers about Flipkart SuperCoins in an affable way.

Kedar Teny on “The Tale of Two Brains”

Creative business could benefit by using both sides of the brain

Tilt Brand Solutions partners LA based Ryde Network

Tilt Brand Solutions has announced a formal partnership with Los Angeles based social media content provider Ryde Network.